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    VIX 1.17 does not work for VMware Workstation Player 15

    Jeremy_GNS3 Lurker



      The current standalone VIX version 1.17 that you can download from Download VMware Workspace ONE doesn't work for VMware Workstation Player 15 vmrun.exe fails with ""Unable to connect to host" Error: the specified version was not found", vmrun.exe is version 1.17.0 build-6661328. This version of VIX does not contain a directory named "Workstation-15.0.0" and the correct entries in vixwrapper-config.txt


      However VIX 1.17 taken from a Workstation Pro 15 installation works, vmrun.exe is version 1.17.0 build-10134415


      Is there any downloadable VIX version that supports Player 15?


      Please see the following post for details of how we found out about this problem: https://gns3.com/community/discussion/gns3-doesn-t-work-on-vmware-play