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    Thin Print Issues using VMware Horizon View Client

    emergecbd Lurker

      I manage a mixed Windows and Mac environment. Some of our applications are also hosted on VDI sessions in VMware Horizon View. We are having an issue where the Horizon client uses a Thin Print driver to redirect users local printers.

      When inside the VDI session if the users change their default to something that is not the same as the local PC/Mac the Thin Print driver will freak out and every few minutes it will change it back to whatever default the local machine has.

      In Windows there are some registry keys we can edit to prevent this from happening. As per this article from VMware. https://kb.vmware.com/s/article/2012770

      I cannot find any way to do the same on a Mac. Is there a plist file or something else I can edit to achieve the same results?