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    VCPU to PCPU ratio calculation in a supermetric.

    ajbodde Lurker

      I seem not to get it to work. What I need is a simple vcpu to pcpu ratio for the cluster which I will use in a dashboard.

      XML based this was : <Metric attrkey="cpu|demand|vConsumption.per.pConsumption" label="vCPU : pCPU" unit=":1" yellow="5" orange="6" red="7" />

      and as a supermetric this could for example be: sum(This Resource:Summary|Number of vCPUs on Powered On VMs)/((sum(This Resource:CPU Usage|Provisioned CPU Cores)/sum(This Resource:Summary|Total Number of Hosts))*(sum(This Resource:Summary|Total Number of Hosts)-1))

      Anyone has an idea?