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    Install ESXi on a USB stick instead or disk array?

    DouglasSpindler Lurker

      What are the pros and cons of installing ESXi on an USB stick instead of a disk array?

      Can any USB stick be used?  Or does one have to use an "approved" USB stick?



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          daphnissov Guru
          vExpertCommunity Warriors

          Pros to installing ESXi on a USB stick are:


          • Occupies little space
          • Don't need to consume one or more physical disks freeing them up for storage needs
          • No risk of interfering with presented disk extents




          • Logs will not be persisted to flash-based media and must be written to an alternate location
          • Generally higher degree of failure than other media


          Any USB stick can be used, but I would strongly urge you to purchase one from a brand of high repute and not one dollar drive from the Wal-Mart check-out lane. Flash cells aren't created equally and cheaper media can and will fail faster/easier than better media. SanDisk is a brand that many enjoy. I typically prefer to install ESXi on flash media such as a USB flash drive or SD card, and in many years of doing so I have only seen a couple failures with aforementioned quality media.