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    Need Help --- After reboot a sql server in ESX4.1, a new Delta file created but old one disappeared

    SimonRS Lurker

      We have a sql server installed on ESX4.1,  this is a retired server for old data retrieve.


      This morning we found this server's SQL server not work, so we re-start it. after we restart, the data base back to 7 years ago. 


      We checked log file attached with file name (vmware-62.log),  in 30th Sep. 10:53:17  the server shutdown and turn off the file with name: mov-test2-000003-delta.vmdk


      In next log (vmware-63.log) , in 30th Sep. 10:53:55 the server start with mov-test2-00004.vmdk .


      We did nothing but restart the SQL server in VM.


      The old file mov-test2-000003-delta.vmdk and mov-test2-000003.vmdk are disappeared. 


      Can any one help ?