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    SSPI problem with VCSA 6.5

    zanmk Enthusiast

      Hello All,


      I have a C# based application that connects to vCenter using Windows pass through. It’s been working quite a long time in different environments without issues.

      Some time ago we have moved to VCSA 6.0/6.5 and it stopped authenticating. Before v6.x we used Windows based vCenter servers, now we have VCSA with PSC integrated. Windows authentication works fine, enhanced authentication plugin also works correctly.


      During debugging the only difference compared to Widows based vCenter is SSPI challenge token received from vCenter. In case of non-working VCSA it is much shorter (22 bytes) compared to 241 bytes received from Windows based service where it works.


      Passing the token to InitializeSecurityContext results in error

      SEC_E_TARGET_UNKNOWN (-2146893053):

      “The target was not recognized.”


      Has anyone encountered something like this ? I’m stuck here, I tried many different settings, user names etc., without success so far.


      best regards