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    Skyline Advisor is Available Now

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      We are excited to announce the availability of Skyline Advisor. Skyline Advisor is a SaaS application, delivered by VMware, that allows customers to view their proactive findings and recommendations on-demand. Follow these steps to access Skyline Advisor:

      1. Open a web-browser and browse to My VMware (https://my.vmware.com).
      2. Log in to My VMware using your username and password.
      3. Click Support (located next to the Search box), then click Skyline Advisor.
      4. If you are receiving proactive support today with Skyline, you will automatically be directed to the Skyline Advisor homepage.




      With the release of Skyline Advisor, Production Support customers will no longer receive an Operational Summary Report (OSR). Production Support customers can view all their proactive findings and recommendations within Skyline Advisor. You will no-longer have access to the OSR download portal, nor will you be able to download OSRs from within Skyline Advisor.


      You can view all of the potential issues discovered by Skyline on the Proactive Findings page within Skyline Advisor. A summary of all proactive findings, by both Severity and Category, is displayed at the top of the page. Each proactive finding is displayed as a card. You can also view all proactive findings in list view. You can search for a particular finding, or finding description, using the Search box at the top of the page. Additionally, you can filter your proactive findings using the Filters button (i.e. all Critical, Security-related proactive findings). Within each proactive finding you will see the Finding ID, date found, severity, description, recommendation, and all affected objects. You can export all affected objects within each proactive finding to CSV, if needed.


      For a video demonstration of Proactive Findings within Skyline Advisor, please see: VMware Skyline Advisor – Proactive Findings - YouTube


      If you have any questions, comments or feedback about Skyline Advisor, please reply to this discussion, or start a new discussion within the Skyline Community.


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