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    Horizon View 7.4 "USB Redirection is not available for this desktop"

    PeteJohns Lurker


      We've in the process of upgrading to Horizon View 7.4 but are having intermittent issues with USB Redirection not pulling through.


      The error in the Horizon client just says "USB Redirection is not available for this desktop". Weirdly half the time it works and half of the time it does not, even from the same underlying client.
      Impacts multiple users from multiple desktops.

      Horizon client 4.7.0

      Windows 7 underlying and VDI

      GPO set to Automatically Connect on Startup and When Inserted


      Never happens on older version of Horizon View (6.x), which is still our production environment. Not sure if relevant but another oddity we see is that if a USB device is plugged in during start up, and redirection is working, the USB device installs itself on every login even when drivers are available. This is another thing that never used to happen on older version of Horizon.


      Any ideas?




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