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    Can't install UMDS off vCentre 6.7 appliance ISO

    glennkil Lurker



      I'd like to install UMDS on a server and tried following numerous directions of running autorun.exe off the vCentre installation disk or ISO. Supposedly i would get a menu to choose this or proceed with a vCentre installation. I only have the 6.7 appliance ISO, can't find a autorun.exe file.  I can see there is a UMDS folder in there but no discrete launcher for that component. i suspect this is because the appliance DVD is meant to be run off one machine, pointed at a ESXI host and it creates a VM there as opposed to the traditional installation where you run the DVD on the box where you want vCentre installed.  Am I right or is there a way to launch a UMDS install of the appliance DVD / ISO on a local machine? If not, why are the files in the ISO? :-(