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    Philips SpeechMike Audio In Issue (Win10)

    epa80 Enthusiast

      Might be more of a Dell/Wyse question, but, wanted to see if anyone on these forums bumped into this.


      In our environment we use the Wyse 5010 w/ PCoIP terminal as our standard endpoint. We are a Windows 7 shop on Horizon 7.3.2. We are able to get the SpeechMikes passed into the Horizon session, via splitting the vid/pid at the terminal level. This setup has worked for us for a few years now, no issue.


      Recently we began developing a Win 10 image as well using Blast. Using the same terminal endpoint, signing into our Windows 10 image, Blast uses the mic just fine still. However, on PCoIP, no audio in is happening. We see the mi in device manager just fine, and audio OUT from the mic still works, just not audio in. The Philips control center client sees the device, it allows config of the buttons on the mic, all seems well, except audio in.


      In a nutshell:


      All from an identical endpoint:

      Win 7 Blast - Mic fine

      Win 7 PCoIP - Mic Fine

      Windows 10 Blast - Mic Fine

      Windows 10 PCoIP - Mic bad.


      I tried installing the teradici audio driver in the base just to see if it made a difference, but, no luck.


      I'm opening a ticket with Dell in parallel, but, any feedback here, I'd be happy to get.


      Thanks in advance.