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    Enabling legacy OpenGL support in Fusion 11

    demigodmac Novice

      "No 3D Support is available from the Host - The 3D features of the virtual machine will be disabled" error shows up when I launch my bootcamp VM in Fusion 11.

      I'll admit my setup is unusual: a Mac Pro tower with an Nvidia graphics card (running Nvidia's web drivers) and Sierra 10.12.6


      In Fusion 10, adding this line to the VMX file would switch it to legacy OpenGL mode and provide basic 3D support, but it appears to no longer work in Fusion 11, or at least not with my setup.


      mks.enableMTLRenderer = "0"


      Setting it to 1 or 0 doesn't matter now.  The same error message always appears.


      I do plan to upgrade to Mojave when Nvidia releases a graphics driver for it, but in the meantime is there any way to carry on with legacy OpenGL mode?