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    ThinApp - no experience with, and migrating a ThinApp to Win10/Standalone desktop

    davebaker87 Lurker

      Hi Guys,


      First off, I have no working experience with ThinApp but am familiar with App-V/AppVolumes etc.


      We're migrating from View to physical desktops (don't ask why!) and we've got a handful of ThinApp packages that our previous desktop architect put together. These have been running on Win 7 64bit VM's. One particular app is v. small (looks like a simple excel-style database form with a ODBC connection to a SQL db that is 25mb in size!) and as it's used by 1 person, we would like to do the following:

      1. Move the database from our SQL cluster into a standalone SQL Express instance on the users desktop, completely localizing the app.

      2. Migrate the thinapp to run on a Win10 desktop with O2016.

      Unfortunately (unless we can somehow 'unpack' a thinapp and see it's source files) we don't have the original install files for this so (and I'm hazarding a guess here) that we can:


      1. Edit the current thinapp package with a new ODBC connection string..?

      2. Do we need to install a client ThinApp package - or some software to ensure the thinapps can run on the client device?

      3. Copy/move the ThinApp 'source packages' or 'binaries' (these currently sit on a network share in EU, but we'll want them on a file server or desktop in another region) - I've no idea what the difference is between these folders....any help here would be appreciated.


      So, any ideas guys? I've read the thinapp install guide but it's littered with technical depth on how virtualisaiton works etc- I just need black and white advice on how to shift/unpack/update a thinapp . I doubt there's much modification needed here...


      Thanks in advance,