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      Hi, I'm a long time lurker on here so figured it was time I changed that.  I'm looking to gain my first VCAP and seriously considering taking the NSX route.  I am traditionally from a vSphere background so have the VCP4, 5, 6, and in Feb 2018 the 6.5 DCV.  I also passed the VCP6-NV in 2016 which was tough, but very enjoyable.  I work as a TAM so not hands on with NSX but have access to labs and see a growing number of my customers deploying NSX-V and T.


      I have three questions if I may.

      1. When I passed my VCP6-NV (2V0-641 btw), I read up, and watched as many 3rd party videos as I could, hands on labs and a lab in work to pass, but I have never sat through the ICM.  Would you look to sit the NSX ICM before I begin studying for my VCAP?
      2. Are there any study materials people recommend for the 3V0-643 exam?
      3. The 3V0-643 exam is based on NSX-V 6.2.  I am unsure if I should press on as the VCAP is my goal, or if I should wait to see how NSX certification evolves over time with the new naming conventions coming in and any NSX-T offerings.  I would look to sit this exam possibly between December - February time but that's just an estimate based on how long I estimate I'll need to absorb it all.  That's not very long but I work better with the pressure of an exam looming.


      Any feedback, good or bad is appreciated.



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          I'm going down a similar route as you are. I'm sitting for the VCAP on Thursday. I'm more hands on but haven't had much opportunity to work on production systems yet. I've been doing the hands on labs from VMware. I've also taken the Troubleshooting & Operations course offered by VMware. Luckily my company took care of the costs on it, it was helpful. A lot of command line work and a good overview of troubleshooting methods.


          I'd recommend going for it. Even if you don't pass the first time around, the whole process is good. I've learned more taking certifications and not passing than I have when I passed the first time Took a few attempts at my CCNP.


          As far as study materials, VMware has a lot of good resources. The NSX administration guide and the design guide are good. Read the blueprint and go through each section. This guy has a good walkthrough on the blueprint:




          Good luck!

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            Thank you, I appreciate talking it through as I should have said that I assume I'll have no chance unless I sit the Troubleshooting and Operations course so would plan to factor that in also.

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              nathanfarrar Novice

              Wanted to amend my response. Here is another great walkthrough of the blueprint. Really like that he went through in more detail.




              I also recommend you beat up the Hands On Labs that VMware offers for free. I'm going through all of the NSX related ones. There are quite a few. You can also choose one of the labs and do whatever you want in there. I've been practicing CLI commands and custom firewall rules etc. You don't have to follow their script once you log in. The 1803 series seem to be great for this.

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                I don't know if you really need to sit for the course. I did and in hindsight, I don't know if it will really make the big difference I thought it would. That being said, I haven't taken the exam yet. I will be taking it later this week and can report back. The course was great for learning the deeper CLI commands and I'm still glad I took it but I'm not sure if it is 'necessary'

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                  Thanks for the advice.  I've started to do a lab a day.  Some are long tho.  Great product I love it

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                    i passed 3v0-643 two months ago, wish you good luck ~