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    vrops cpu contention

    sxnxr Master

      I am scratching my head with this one


      We migrated around 200 vms from one cluster to another over the weekend and i noticed the max observed vm contention in vrops for the new cluster was at 28%. Looking into it all the VMs on one host in the cluster jumped from a contention of less than 0.5 % to anything from 6 - 30% after the migration


      The strange thing that i cant explain is the total number of vcpus on all of the VMs on this one host is 24. The host has 2 x 16 core processors set to high performance. I cant understand what these VMs are showing as having high contention. There is nothing special about the VMs with limits or resource groups.


      The source cluster is the same as the target the only difference is the new hosts are ACI connected.


      I move a VM of the host to another and the contention drops. Move it back and it goes up again


      Anyone have any ideas.