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    What is the status of Firefox and Chrome support with ThinApp 5.2.4?

    toca1337 Enthusiast

      Our dept was so excited to see the release of 5.2.4 as we have been testing Windows 10 1709 and 1803 build roll outs on limited clients.


      Importantly, we have been waiting forever to see if there is an update to better support of more recent versions of Firefox and Chrome browsers.


      Very disappointed not to see any mentioning in the release note for 5.2.4 on this issue. However, has anyone else already have some experience using 5.2.4 with more recent versions of Firefox and Chrome browsers? I want to get some sense of what was already done before doing some testing myself. Not keen on repeat the disaster I had with 5.2.2.


      Please kindly post your experience here...