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    vRealize Suite Lifecycle Manager v2.0 is GA !

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      vRealize Suite Lifecycle Manager 2.0 is generally available as on 20th Sep. Some of the key highlights of the release are:


      • Certificate Management
        • You can manage certificates used across vRealize product environments from a single place.
        • You can replace product certificates as Day-2 operation
        • Ability to specify certificates at both product and environment level
      • Support for Patching
        • Seamless mechanism to automatically discover and apply product patches.
        • You can view and download the audit history of patches applied at both product and environment level.
      • Content Management Enhancements
        • Support for vRealize Operations content - Support a first-class content with a dependency discovery for Dashboards, Reports, View, Alerts, Symptoms, Recommendations, Text, Topology, and Resource Kind Metrics.
        • Support for deploying multiple contents - Ability to deploy multiple contents to respective endpoints in a single operation
        • Content Developer restricted to a read-only view of endpoints created by others. Release Manager roles will continue to have access over all endpoints.
      • Other Improvements:

        • Simpler process to onboard and subsequently manage existing product environments.
        • Support for deploying Windows machines from ISO or VM Templates as part of creating vRealize Automation instance.
        • Ability to import vCenter Servers in bulk. 
        • Ability to import and update passwords in bulk on vRealize Network Insight data sources. 
        • Notifications 
        • Ability to filter and export user requests. 


      For more details, check the release notes.