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    find_entity_views API is failing

    satish123REUGHEUR Lurker
      One of our cusotmer has reported two issues related to vmware API on same vcenter and hence putting the details of both issues :

      Issue 1 (Wrapper timeout issue): Customer reported that our product's backup is failing with wrapper timeout issue and when we deep dived into it, it was observed that "find_entity_views( view_type => 'Datacenter' )" API is not returing any response and hence the application is throwing timeout issue.
      Important point to notice here is when we moved a datastore to another datacenter, the backup was successful. But as customer has huge environment they are not willing to move their datastores to another datacenter. Hence we need your help to look into this from API side and want to know what may be the possible reason for failures on a particular datacenter.

      Issue 2(Java Heap Issue): Customer reported that the backup is failing with Java Heap issue(OutOfMemmory error) and when we looked into it, it was observed that when tapplication tries to get details of virtual machines through API "find_entity_views( view_type => 'VirtualMachine')", it fails with OutOfMemory issue.
      This issue is occurring on all the datastores of a particular datacenter. The number of virtual machines are 6000+ but the same configuration was working fine till the customer observed this issue. We suspect the response returned by this API might have some garbage/irrelevant data due to which it is not able to store the API response now and end up with outOfMemory issue.

      Kindly note that both the issues started occurring from a particular day and customer denied any configuration changes on that day. Prior to that everything was working as expected.