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    consistency group missing from protection group

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      We use SRM with RecoverPoint.  vCenter is the appliance and its 6.5, SRM is 6.5, and RecoverPoint is 5.1.  This configuration was working appropriately several weeks ago.  We have virtual machines that live in two different consistency groups in RecoverPoint.  One consistency group for the operating system and than another consistency group that contains the data drive which happens to be an rdm.  When you go to the virtual machine at the protected site and select the EMC VSI selection you can see the consistency groups the virtual machine is a part of, which should be two, and the protection group that it is part of and all the consistency groups that are part of the protection group.  A few weeks ago I would see both consistency groups and be able to select a consistency group and browse the snapshots and select a point in time recovery.  Presently, I only see one consistency group.  Also for the protection group I don't see the consistency group that the rdm (data drive) is part of.  Just a few weeks ago the consistency groups were showing up appropriately and I could select the point in time from the consistency group where the rdm resides so I don't know what has happened.  When I look at the virtual machines in the protection group there are no errors and they are properly protected.  I can select configure protection for one of the vm's and see the rdm is there and properly protected.  I can also execute a test of a recovery plan and the entire virtual machine, including the rdm, fails over to the recovery site.  The problem I'm having is that we need to be able to do a point in time recovery and since the consistency group isn't showing up I can't set that.  I've rebooted the SRM servers and vCenter servers.  I"ve also uninstalled and reinstalled the EMC VSI plugin to both vCenters.  In RecoverPoint there are no errors and all consistency groups are in sync.  Nothing has been changed in our environment in regard to this consistency group either.  Any ideas.  I've opened a case, but I figured I'd post here also.