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    HA 5.3.1 - customized docx template didn't work anymore after saving it with word 16.7 (180909) on Mac OS (10.13.6) and also on Windows 10 Enterprise (1803)

    viRR Lurker

      Hi community.


      I have been using an adapted Word template for the HA Report for a few years now.

      I modified this template today and now it is no longer possible to generate a report.


      I got the following error message:



      If I restore the original word template - which was delivered with the HA 5.3.1 - I can generate a report without any problems.

      As soon as I open the original template in Word (Office 365) and save it, it is not possible to generate a report.


      I have tested this with Word on both a Mac and a Windows 10 PC.


      I am using the HA 5.3.1 Java Appliance.


      Does anyone have the same problems with template customization or even a solution to the problem?


      Any clues are more than welcome.