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    "Failed to connect to server" - VNC Console not working with VMware 6.5

    hawfinch Novice

      Dear all

      I need to set VNC settings by calling ReconfigVM API to a running VM of ESXi hosts. The settings are shown below:

                  RemoteDisplay.vnc.enabled: true

                  RemoteDisplay.vnc.port: 59xx

                  RemoteDisplay.vnc.keyMap: en-us



      Everything is OK to the VMs of ESXi 5.5 and 6.0 host. When trying to connect to the VMs of ESXi 6.5 host, I get

      "Failed to connect to server" error. I realise that the setting is not taken into account, but it works if I reboot the VM.

      After a reboot I'm able to setup a VNC connection to the previous opened port.


      So I don't know if vmware has some kind of signal to 'reload' the console settings that we could use, or if updating

      these settings live is not done anymore.


      Thanks in advance for your help.