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    Fusion 10 on Mojave; Gray window by all VMs; Thumb-Rendering in Library shows VMs are running and reacting

    mr_miyagi Lurker



      I have the following problem:

      I'm using the (for today, latest beta, 9 I think) of Mac OS Mojave as host system with Fusion 10.3.1.

      This results into a problem I searched already for days..
      All my VMs (Windows, Linux etc..) are rendered "gray" into the running VM window.

      But in the VMWare Library I can see, that the VMs are running and reacting on mouse and keyboard input.

      I can see that, because a smaller thumbnail is rendered as copy to the real window view.

      I tried already to play with preferences of the VMs and uninstalled und reinstalled VMWare again (even older VMWare Versions for comparison), but no
      success. Anyone had also such a problem and know what to do, to fix that?
      Thank you very much.