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    Mouse click issue in VMWare Player 14.1.3

    Hedgehog2 Lurker



      I would report a bug. I used for a long time VMWare Player 12.5.9. About 2 weeks ago I updated to Version 14.1.3 and VMWare Tools 10.2.5. Now in Version 14.1.3 very often I have the problem that the mouse clicks in the guest aren't working. The mouse move or mouse hover events are processed by the guest, and perhaps the mouse wheel events are processed as well, but not the clicks. I can solve the problem, by moving the mouse briefly upwards over the VMWare Player bar and then clicking into the guest system. Since it happens often, it's a little annoying. With VMWare Player 12.5.9 I never had this problem.


      Host: Windows 8.1 Home
      Guest: Windows 10 Pro