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    Failed to start HACore profile on node

    HassanAlKak88 Expert



      Failed to deploy vCenter HA Cluster (vcenter 6.5.0 Build 5318154) with the following error:


      "A general system error occured: Failed to start HACore profile on node" ( is the IP address for the witness server filled up during the configuration wizard)


      We tried the below with no luck:

      1. Power off and delete the Passive and Witness nodes.
      2. Log in to the Active node by using SSH or via Direct Console.
      3. Log in as the root user and enable the Bash shell: # shell
      4. Run the following command to remove the vCenter HA configuration: # destroy-vcha -f
      5. Reboot the Active node: # reboot
      6. Wait until the Active node is back online and start vCenter HA cluster configuration again


      The following is the status of services from our vcenter:


      Also there is a ping from our vcenter appliance to the above IP address:



      Please advise,