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    Any way to control mouse with keyboard using Mousekeys (via Accessibility/Ease of Access), etc?

    rennervision Lurker

      Hello.  I'm having trouble for some reason navigating in a VM with a keyboard in place of a mouse.  I've tried a number of things.  My guest OS is XP, so I've tried enabling the Mousekeys function in XP's Accessibility feature.  My host OS is Win10, and I've likewise tried enabling Mousekeys in the host's Ease of Access Center.  I've even tried an AutoHotkey script (both in the guest and host) which converts key presses into mouse movement.


      All these tricks work in the host, but nothing works in the guest.  In the guest, the keys mapped to mouse movement no longer work when I try these methods, but the mouse cursor never moves.  It's like mouse control is locked down unless it's being handled by an actual mouse.


      Should I be having this problem?  Is there some other way (a third party solution even) that I can try to control a mouse by keyboard?