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    VVOL shows 0 bytes available unable to browse datastore

    bartojc Lurker

      Running ESXi 6.1 update1 using Pure Storage.  I had VVOLs set up and functioning for one small custer in my environment.  I migrated a VM to the VVOL datastore and created a couple other VMs experimenting with Storage Policies.  Everything seems to be working as expected.  The other say when I looked the VVOL datastore now shows 0 bytes available and 0 bytes free.   I am unable to browse the datastore, no error..... just never shows any files.   I have a VM currently running on the datastore and it seems fine.  The storage providers show up and connected.  I can see the PE from the hosts.   It looks like it is up and connected but somehow the vCenter cannot get the datastore info.   I have opened a ticked and sent logs to support twice now.   Looking through SPS logs and vvold and nothing jumps out right away.