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    Silent Installer for Horizon View Agent 7.5.1 has no option for Horizon Collaboration

    axm3196 Lurker

      We are setting up a silent installation for Horizon View 7.5.1 agents. I have all of the options that we would like to add to the install, but I can't find the option to add the Collaboration add-on.

      I'm using the following page as guidance: Silent Installation Properties for Horizon Agent

      I also noticed the Horizon Performance Tracker is installed on the desktop is there a switch to not have that added?


      Components that we have added:

      1. Core - Core Agent
      2. RTAV - Real-Time Audio-Video
      3. FlashURLRedirection - Flash URL Redirection This feature is hidden unless you use the VDM_FLASH_URL_REDIRECTION=1 property on the command line.
      4. ThinPrint - Virtual Printing
      5. VmwVaudio - VMware Audio (virtual audio driver)
      6. TSMMR - Windows Media Multimedia Redirection (MMR)
      7. RDP - This feature enables RDP in the registry if you use the RDP_CHOICE=1 property on the command line or select RDP as the default display protocol when you create or edit a desktop pool in View AdministratorThis feature is hidden during interactive installations.
      8. VMWMediaProviderProxy - VMware Virtualization Pack for Skype for Business feature.
      9. FLASHMMR - Flash Redirection
      10. HTML5MMR - HTML5 Multimedia Redirection
      11. PerfTracker - Horizon Performance Tracker
      12. NGVC - Instant Clone Agent


      And Here is the installer script:

      VMware-viewagent-x86_64-7.5.1-9182637.exe /s /v"/qn VDM_VC_MANAGED_AGENT=1 VDM_FLASH_URL_REDIRECTION=1 RDP_CHOICE=1 INSTALL_VDISPLAY_DRIVER=1 ADDLOCAL=Core,ThinPrint,NGVC,VmwVaudio,FlashURLRedirection,FLASHMMR,HTML5MMR,RTAV,TSMMR,VMWMediaProviderProxy,PerfTracker" /l ""%temp%\Horizonview_Install.log""