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    Configuring a network

    Antonythegreatdestroyerofworlds Lurker

      So I have been doing VM for a long time, I thought this would be simple, but I guess not, so here it is;

      • 1 ESXi 6.7 host
      • 1 Dell Storage PowerVault with an NFS share

      Only running 3-4 hyper critical systems, (to be configured later with additional hosts)


      • I only get 2 networks, 1 VMKernal/data (10.10.x.x) and the other is Storage/Vmotion (192.168.250.x).
      • The Storage is connected via a 10Gig SPF directly to each other, no switch between.
      • The host is setup and life is good on the VMK0
      • I go to add the Storage and I am able to create the Port groups, vSwitch, add the Physical NIC, VMK1 and TCP/IP stack.
      • Everything works, and it looks fine


      • I go to add the Storage and get a sysinfo vmkernal error (exact is not important)
      • Trouble shooting shows I am not able to ping FROM esx to storage.  I CAN ping from storage to esxi.  weird.


      Come to find out that the routing table does not have an entry for 192.168.250.x

      So I can manually add the route to the routing table, But shouldn't this have happened automatically??  Did I do an initial config wrong?  This is my first time in such a small environment and also 6.7, so it is possible I f-ed something up.