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    vSAN certification

    xinwei123 Lurker

      Anybody know something about how can the server product get the vSAN certification? Thanks a Ton!

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          xinwei123 Lurker

          Thank you for your answer, Bob. But what I want to know is how the server product get the vSAN certification. Do you know anything about this?

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            mschubi Enthusiast



            there are two possible ways


            1) you are using "vSAN Ready nodes" - the vendor guarantees the full HCL support

            VMware Compatibility Guide - vsan


            2) you configure vSAN server by yourself - you haveto check all the components are they HCL conform.

            Take for that the Link "Build Your Own based on Certified Components." on the upper vsan HCI .


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              Hello xinwei123,



              Apologies for the confusion - misread your question.

              As Mike said above, a server is vSAN-certified if it is a Ready-Node or it is built using certified components: controller(s), cache-tier SSD/NVMe and capacity-tier HDD/SSD/NVMe must be a) on the vSAN HCL b) using drivers+firmware specified as supported for that device and vSAN build version and c) being used in a manner for which they have been certified (e.g. a lot of lower-grade SSDs are NOT certified for cache-tier but are certified to be used for capacity-tier).

              All other server components must be on the general VMware HCL for the version of ESXi in use (e.g. ESXi 6.0 for vSAN 6-6.2)



              One thing to note though is that aside from physical hardware being 'certified' there are a number of considerations that may affect if your vSAN cluster is 'supported' e.g. it is possible to use only certified hardware/driver+firmware and still have an unsupported/unsupportable configuration - some obvious ones to avoid would be multihoming network traffic types, logging to vsanDatastore etc.; I would advise reading the relevant documentation before setting up a cluster:






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                xinwei123 Lurker

                Hello Bob,

                      Thank you for your answer, our server products are manufactured by us or our customers. We can't guarantee that our components are in compliance with HCL. Can we pass some tests to make our products certified by vSAN? I haved consulted with VMware staff and they suggested that we become a TAP partner to achieve the purpose of server authentication. Is this a method? Is there any other way?