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    Please Help Me Sold this issue " Could not connect 'Ethernet' to virtual network 'VMnet0'. Failed to connect virtual device 'Ethernet'. "

    nghiahieuph Novice

      Hi All Guys, Please help me solve this problem about VMware Workstation. I have 2 problem, I don't know how it is so I will explain slowly.


      The first issue happened when i was trying to open Windows XP SP3 in VMware. The error about VMware Authorization Service appear but I swear that I always start all 5 service when open any Virtual Machine.



      So i guess that some confict happened but i don't know how to find out.


      I restart all service and thanks god, It open like usual. But something happen when it's loading with status "No Responding". And then the Worst problem happen. I cannot connect to Internet via Nat or Bridge.




      I tried to connect by click icon on the right of bottom. But :



      After all, I look for the vmware.log. I have no idea to find that file and i found hostd file in C:\ProgramData\VMware\hostd. I've attached below.


      That's all I can do. Anyone have some idea on it Please help me !!! Thanks for reading !

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