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    Update Manager could not download virtual appliance upgrade metadata using UMDS repository

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      We have an error trying to download patch definitions when using a UMDS exported repository.  We have a vSphere 6.5 U1 install that does not have Internet access.  It consists of several ESXi Hosts, vCSA with separate PSC and vROPs.


      We use UMDS installed on a separate internet connected server to download HOST and Appliance upgrades.


      vmware-umds.exe -v

      VMware Update Manager Download Service Build = 8305924


      vmware-umds.exe -G

      [standard URLs]


      Host patch content download: enabled

      Host Versions for which patch content will be dowloaded:



      Virtual appliance content download: enabled


      So we refresh this on a scheduled task - approx 38GB.  When we want to export the repository, we connect a USB disk (X:) and use the follwoing:

      vmware-umds.exe -E --export-store x:\umds


      This exports the repository as expected.  The files are then copied to a local IIS server that the vSphere 6.5 cluster has access to.  We have enabled directory browsing and can access the files using http://webserver:8000.  We can see the files as expected.


      In Update Manager, in the down Download Setting, we change to Use a shared repository and specify the URL above.  Update Manager validates this.  In the Download Sources pane, when we click Download Now, we can see the Download patch definitions task run but we get an error:


      Cannot download patch definitions.

      Related events:

      Task: Download patch definitions.

      Successfully downloded host patch definitions, New patches: 87


      Could not download virtual appliance upgrade metadata for http://webserver:8000/

      Could not download virtual appliance upgrade metadata.


      So it looks like the host patch definitions are OK, but not the appliance definitions.


      Does anyone know why this would be the case?


      Many thanks