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    Touchscreen enable on VMware 14.1.1

    ikerko8 Lurker

      Hi community!


      I was starting an idea, but im having troubles to complete it: I have an AIO computer with touchscreen where i have a virtual machine.

      I have all the software installed to configure and design industrial touchscreens for production on the VM but i cant use it with the touchscreen, just with the mouse. My idea is to prepare the software and simulate it on the computer before trying it on the industrial touchscreen, the thing is that i haven't managed to do it yet and i don't even know if it is possible. The point is that my VM is w7 Ultimate sp1 and the AIO computer that i am using is a dell OptiPlex 7450 with windows 10.


      Is my idea possible to perform? If it is, how could i do it or what whould i have to change to make it work?


      Thanks in advance for your help experts!

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          Wolken Enthusiast

          Did you introduce a change in VMs .vmx file?


          As per this thread, Enable Touchscreen in VMWare Workstation 12.5.5 on a Surface Pro 3 the following line to the vmx configuration file should be added.


          touchscreen.vusb.present = "TRUE"

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            ikerko8 Lurker

            Good morning Wolken,


            Yes, i saw the post and i added the line to the .vmx file but nothing changed, i could open the VM without problems after adding it but nothing changed.


            Thanks for your answer!

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              bluefirestorm Master

              After adding the touchscreen.vusb.present = "TRUE", the Control Panel - System still show "No Pen or Touch Input is available for this Display" in "Pen and Touch:"


              Does the Windows 10 host also show touch support in Control Panel - System?


              Is the Tablet Input Service running on the guest VM?


              sc query TabletInputService


              If the TabletInputService is not even installed, go to Control Panel - Programs, turn on and off Windows features and make sure the "Tablet PC Components" is enabled.

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                ikerko8 Lurker

                First of all i have changed OS form Win10 to W7, the same as the virtual machine, the touchscreen is working without problems again on the real computer.


                You are right on the real computer it says -> Pen and touch: "available 10 touch points"

                In the virtual machine it says: No pen or Touch Input is available for this Display


                About the tablet input service STATE: 1 (STOPPED) and it is ok on the checkbox on turn on and off windows features.


                I have just taken a look to the drivers, i thought it could be helpful, because the real computer has more drivers than the virtual machine.


                Thanks a lot for your answer bluefirestorm

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                  ikerko8 Lurker

                  Hello community i have just solved the problem.


                  Inside de virtual machine, on the top of the screen there is a menu, on the menu i clicked player, then another menu appeared.

                  Inside the next menu i picked the removable devices option and the i connected "Advanced Silicon device USB" and "Sunplus Innovation USB" then it started to work.


                  Hope it can help someone because i lost a lot of time.


                  Thanks to everyone that answered the post!

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                    bluefirestorm Master

                    Just out of curiosity, considering that you have to connect USB devices to the VM to get the touch working inside the VM, I would guess that the virtual touchscreen vmx entry is not needed. Does the touch capability still work on the host once you connect the USB devices to the VM. It could be similar to connecting Wacom tablets to the VM, the Wacom pen/touch then becomes available only inside the VM and on the host it does not work.


                    It gives me the impression the Optiplex 7450 touchscreen is not a capacitive touchscreen but the two USB devices are possibly sensors on the sides (to detect coordinates) and detect pressure/touch on the screen surface.

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                      ikerko8 Lurker

                      Hello again Blue,


                      Yeah, that's what i thought the line on the vmx isn't needed, it works just activating the USB options.


                      When i enable the touchscreen on the Virtual Machine it stops working on the host.


                      I don't know if the USB are sensors on the sides but there aren't any USB physical connectors for the touchscreen, they are internal.