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    Horizon View 7.4 - delayed audio with inbound PSTN calls to Skype for Business

    PeteJohns Lurker

      Hi there,

      Does anybody have any experience of the Virtualization Pack for Skype for Business? We are just moving to View 7.4.0 and have the desktops running in Optimised Mode with SfB, it all looks good apart from inbound calls from PSTNs fail about 50% of the time (which is obviously a rather big issue!).

      - Only impacts PSTN calls, Skype to Skype calls are fine

      - Outbound calls to PSTN are fine

      - Conference calls including PSTN are fine

      - Everything was working fine on our old 6.x Horizon View with the old Microsoft Lync VDI PlugIn

      When the inbound PSTN call fails, you will see the toast notification come through which you click to answer. The window then pops up, immediately says you are on Hold and then disconnects the call. As mentioned above, this happens around 50% of the time.

      We believe the audio on the Skype side is taking too long to start, evidenced by when calls come through our contact centre (Anywhere365) there is a long, noticeable, delay before skype’s audio starts. As A365 treats every call as a conference this is why the call isn’t dropped, like it is when it is a direct call to an individual.

      Has anybody else experienced this? Anything we’ve found on the web suggests to upgrade to 7.4, which isn’t much use! Also have a ticket open with vmware but nothing has come back so far.

      View 7.4.0

      Agent 7.4.0

      Client 4.7.0

      SfB 2015 Server CU5

      SfB 2015 Client 15.0.5059

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          PeteJohns Lurker

          Hi all,
          Sorry for bumping my own thread but we found a solution, so just in case anybody else stumbles upon this post in the future:
          We found that the new 7.x  Horizon Client with Skype for Business media pack handles SIP in a different way to the previous Microsoft Lync VDI plugin. We had some weird issue that was either caused by the SBC or SIP provider, and we were able to resolve in the SBC.

          SBC: Audiocodes 2600
          SIP: Virgin Media Business


          From within the SBC, IP Profiles
          SIP Side
          Remote Early Media - change to Not Supported (was Supported)


          Skype Side:
          Remote Update Support - change to Supported Only After Connect  (was Not Supported)


          Both changes were needed, since doing this we haven't experienced a single dropped call. Both changes do not need a reboot of SBC and we were able to perform the changes during the day without any impact.