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    Unable to make multiple file selections from VSphere Web Client Datastore screen

    bingscott Novice

      I am using the following software: VMWare VSphere Web Client and Microsoft Internet Explorer. I am also selecting the Flash version of the Web Client, not the HTML5 version  I wish to copy (actually download from the datastore) a set of files from a VM’s datastore to an external USB drive.  I navigate to the screen that lists the individual files in the datastore.  When I highlight more than one file, the download button greys out (is disabled).  If I select more than one file and right click, the context menu reports that there are no functions available.  When I select just one file and right click the file, I get a menu with numerous actions available and all of the action buttons are active and available. I have also tried this on Mozilla Firefox and Chrome with the same results.


      I don’t want to download each individual file. I would like to be able to select the files and issue the download command.