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    EventFilterSpecByTime not working ?

    raphistoley Lurker


      I'm trying to write a little perl script to collect events related to VM from the last 24H on a vCenter with the Perl VMware SDK 6.5

      I use this code:

      my ($Y,$M,$D,$H,$Min,$S,$st,$et);

          my $today = DateTime->now;
          $Y = $today->year;
          $M = $today->month;
          $D = $today->day;
          $H = $today->hour;
          $Min = $today->minute;
          $S = $today->second;
          $st = DateTime->new( year => $Y, month => $M, day => $D-1, hour => $H , minute => $Min , second => $S);

          $et = DateTime->new( year => $Y, month => $M, day => $D , hour => $H , minute => $Min , second => $S);
          my $timeSpec = EventFilterSpecByTime->new(beginTime => $st);

          my $filterSpec = EventFilterSpec->new(time => $timeSpec, type => ["VmCreatedEvent", "VmClonedEvent","VmDeployedEvent", "VmRegisteredEvent","VmRemovedEvent"]);
          my $content = Vim::get_service_content();
          my $eventMgr = Vim::get_view(mo_ref => $content->eventManager);
          my $results = $eventMgr->CreateCollectorForEvents(filter => $filterSpec);
          my $eventCollector = Vim::get_view(mo_ref => $results);
          my $events = $eventCollector->latestPage;

      But the time filter seems to be not working, I have some result from the last few days, if i change the range I have alway the same result, same if I delete the filterSpec.

      With powercli and getvi-event I can get events from several month but for this need I need to use Perl.

      Did you already success to use a filterspec with Perl?