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    Best topology for vCenter server and PSC deployment for two sites

    arifr Lurker

      We have two sites of VMware Hosts, each site has 10 Hosts. The sites are connected through high-speed LAN, each site has dedicated HPE 3PAR SAN attached to Hosts. We are creating fresh VMware 6.5U2 environment.


      We want to HA to be enabled between the two sites in addition to on-site Hosts. Whats is the best vCenter server and PSC deployment topology we can follow?


      So far I researched, creating two vCenter servers (each in one site) with external PSCs (again each in one site) will form Enhanced Linked mode and replication/HA between sites would be possible. Is it the best topology? I see about this deployment topology in following links:





      Is it also possible to do Enhanced Linked mode or achieve replication/HA between sites using vCenter server with Embedded PSC deployment instead of creating separate PSC instance?


      Which one is best recommenced?