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    Safe to remove VCSA?

    lkomarci Novice

      Hey everyone,


      is it safe to just delete vCSA from vSphere?


      My vSphere Client works but the The vSphere web client doesn't work, the vCSA can't start inventory service, etc. So I would like to start from scratch. If I delete the vCSA straight from vSphere, there's no fear that this would cause issues with VMs, right? I just need to know that all the VMs will keep running with no interruptions.



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          a.p. Guru
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          VMs will not be affected from deleting the vCSA.

          However, depending on which central functions are configured, you may need to be prepare the new instance before re-attaching the hosts to a new instance (e.g. distributed.switches, ...).

          Although I think that you have this in mind, don't forget to reconfigure other things like backup, etc. after the setting up the new vCSA.


          I assume that you don't have vSAN in use. In this case one needs to take a closer look at this.