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    How can the vmem file be generated on a hard drive and everything else on a SSD, including redo files?

    UlyssesOfEpirus Hot Shot

      With lots of VM's running, vmem files can be written to frequently and wear out SSD drives prematurely. Somewhat like swap space. How can vmem files be generated on the hard drive to save the SSD, and everything else stay on the SSD? Especially the redo log files need the SSD because writing to independent-nonpersistent drives means writing to redo files. But both vmem and redo files are generated at the same place by default, which can wear the SSD. Can this be changed?


      Or an NTFS/ext4 symbolic link could be created on the SSD named as the vmem but pointing to a file on the hard disk. But how do you choose a fixed name for the vmem? Or the symbolic link could have the name of the redo file and point to the SSD?