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    Blueprint machine deploys with disconnected network adapter VRA7.4

    leanderS Lurker

      Hi all,


      We have an issue with our environment based on vCenter 6.5, NSX and VRA 7.4.


      When we deploying a windows based blueprint it is possible that somewhere in the process the network adapter won't be connected to a NSX logical switch. The machine vmx file shows then the following line "ethernet0.startConnected = "FALSE""  when a machine is hit with the issue. The blueprint deploys without any visible error message.


      I'm sure that the line is not in our template machine. We are deploying blueprints based on linked clones and a customization spec with sysprep enabled. We could not reproduce it on Linux blueprint.

      We have tried the a golden image with a E1000 or VMXNET adapter but both adapters have sometimes the issue


      Does anyone know the problem? Or could provide some steps to identify which component in our infrastructure causes the problem/