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    Verifying Report Data

    gcsc Enthusiast

      I'm trying to verify whether my Usage Meter is reporting the correct data. I have a rule that contains around 80 VMs totaling 122GB of allocated memory but I can't work out how I get from there to the report below.



      ProductUnit of MeasureUnits to be Reported
      NEW - VMware vCloud SP Advanced BundleAvg Capped Billed vRAM (GB)104
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          PeterNed Novice
          VMware Employees


          Best way to have complete review and answer is by logging a support case as usually it is a bit too complex to have it addressed in the community. With that being said, please provide more info about your setup:

          VC/vSphere verison(s)?

          UM version(s)?

          Are all VCs metered if they are more than 1?

          Support may also request support bundle/DB dump to validate the result.

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            gcsc Enthusiast

            I ended up talking to VMware support who said there was a bug in 3.5.1 and told me to upgrade and then compare the 2 UM stats over the next few months


            ESXi 6.5

            UM 3.5.1

            4 VCs metered