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    vcenter collection fail daily at 04:00 am

    pbrandt Lurker

      Hello vmware community,


      i'm very new in the vmware world and products so please be not to hard to me if I ask studip things


      I know that this issue is not new, but i was not able to solve this porblem with solutions from here.


      So the problem is that vRA is unable to proceed the collection for vcenter. This issue only happens at one timestamp in the night 00:04 am.

      When i start manually the collection in vRA everything is fine (not at 04:00 am). And the connection between vRA and vcenter is also fine.


      The log from server ( storage/var/loginsight/plugins/vsphere/li-vsphere.log) shows only the message we got from loginsight. There are no useful information to understand that issue.



      Can you help me please to fix this problem or can give some infos where i can specify this issue in the logfile?


      Thanks in advance.


      Dear regards

      Pascale Brandt

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          daphnissov Guru
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          Do you have a backup task of your vCenter running around this time? When I see this, it's usually because this is the case a d during the finally snapshot commit process vCenter becomes stunned and will not accept new connections for a time. This is directly related to the underlying storage and how well it performs.