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    SDDC MP - vCenter OS Credentials Missing

    Akopylov Expert

      Hello there.

      I'm totally new to vrops, so my question is probably stupid, but I can't solve it on my own.

      I have 2 node HA vrops 6.6.1 cluster and VCSA 6.5u1e.

      I installed SDDC MP 4.0 to test the vcenter appliance monitoring and it says in the SDDC documentation that vSphere adapter must be configured. And it is so in my case, the configuration of vSphere adapter was the first thing I made after the vrops deployment. Now according to the SDDC doc I should provide credentials for the VCSA guest OS:

      Configure vCenter Server Health

      Before you monitor the health for avCenter Server instance, you have to configure the vCenter Server in

      your SDDC health solution.


      Verify that you have configured vCenter Server adapter and is running.


      1 From the Administration tab, click Solutions.

      2 Click the edit gear icon, and click Add.

      3 Enter the Instance settings text boxes, vCenter Server IP address, Credentials, and click Close.

      4 To edit an object, under the Inventory Explorer, under the adapter instances, select an SDDC Health

      adapter instance.

      5 Search for a vCenter object and click the edit icon.

      6 Edit the required text boxes or click the plus icon to add new credentials.

      7 In the Manage Credential, enter the OS credentials.

      For a Windows vCenter, enter the OS user name. For example, administrator. For a VCSA, enter the

      local OS user name. For example, root, any user with a shell access.

      8 Click OK.

      Well, there are 2 SDDC adapters in the Inventory Explorer, however I can't see any vCenter objects:

      1 (1).png

      If I try to edit "vCenter Health" there is no option to provide any credentials:

      2 (1).png

      However I can see some info about VCSA services in the SDDS dashboard:

      3 (1).png

      Still I get the "SDDC Config Notification - vCenter OS Credentials Missing, Services may not be discovered for this vCenter. Please Configure the VC HOST OS Credential in Inventory Explorer" notification:


      I don't know how SDDS gathered some info about vcenter appliance without credentials provided and I don't know how to specify that credentials

      Well, for the test purposes, I had specified 'administrator@sso.domain' credentials for the vSphere adapter and it also has admin privileges for the guest photon OS of VCSA, so may be it is the reason why I can see info about vcenter appliance services, but, I guess I need to provide credentials for SDDC adapter.


      P.S. vrops is breaking my mind.