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    PowerCLI vs CloudClient

    aenagy Hot Shot

      Now that VMware has released an OS independent version of PowerCLI in version 10 are there plans to roll the features and functionality of CloudClient into PowerCLI, specifically the vRA integration? And while I'm on the topic of vRA, it would make sense to include vRO functionality too. (I have yet to see an implementation of vCAC or vRA that didn't include vCO or vRO.)


      I had assumed that CloudClient was built the way it was, using Java, to reduce it's OS dependency. CloudClient is, to be kind, clunky. While there exists PowervRA and PowervRO, these only serve to highlight PowerCLI's deficiencies. Building enterprise solutions based on marginal tools for some customers is a non-starter. Banking on the kindness and generosity of strangers is a risk some customers are simply not willing to take. PowerCLI had long reached critical mass before the release of version 10 but the lack of a robust scripting solution for vRA and vRO is a bit of a head-scratcher.


      BTW, is this the best way to provide feedback to product managers?


      Thanks and have a nice day.