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    ESXi Install NUC5C - "No Network Adapters"

    Scott_Mack Lurker

      Brand new to this so, in an attempt to learn VMware virtualization and other technologies I'm trying to build a home lab.  Google got me past ignoreHeadless but I'm stuck with a grey screen informing me that I have a network adapter problem.  I believe it's related to not having the correct driver.


      1. If I'm interpreting the error correctly then what drivers should I use?  Is the windows driver from the NUC site appropriate or should I use something from VMware?
      2. Once the driver source has been decided, how do I get it into the ESXi ISO?  Or should is there a way to ignore the NIC check on install then install the NIC driver and configuration after install?


      Obviously I'm new new and my verbiage may be incorrect and yes I understand the a NUC is not "supported".  I've heard that the true path to learning is being able to teach others.  Here is your chance!