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    Multiple Site Recovery Manager - Multiple Recoverpoint clusters - Single vCenter 6.5 Instance

    asposato Lurker



      I wonder if anyone has a similar experience or have found correct documentation to achieve a configuration like here below described:


      #3 Sites (A - B - DR)


      PROD (A - B)

      Single vCenter Instance: 6.5 (manage two sites A - B - MAN connected)

      #2 vSphere Clusters

      #2 SRM 8.1 Instances: each one manage one cluster

      #2 Recoverpoint clusters: each one replicate one of above mentioned cluster on a DR site



      Single vCenter Instance

      #1 Cluster

      #1 SRM 8.1 Instance

      #Recoverpoint Cluster: that receive replicas from both sites (A - B)


      Replication Relationship

      A to DR: in place

      B to DR: to setup




      • Is the design valid? I thik it falls under multisite SRM and multisite Recoverpoint designs
      • Can a single vCenter manage multiple Storage Replication Adapters bounded to different SRM? (A - B Sites)


      Thank you