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    Universal Transport Zone with Cross vCenter NSX

    Silen Lurker

      Site A and B environment:

           vCenter Server:6.0

           NSX for vSphere:6.3.5

           primary NSX Manager on Site A,secondary NSX Manager on Site B


      Site A and Site B each have vCenter and NSX deployed. NSX Manager of site A is the primary role,and site B‘s is the secondary role.

      Host Preparation、VxLAN Transport are complete configuration at both site A and B,and I set Universal Segment ID Pool and Universal Transport Zone only on the primary NSX.

      On secondary NSX,the Universal Segment ID Pool configuration has been synchronized from primary NSX, but the Universal Transport Zone was not  synchronized.

      So,I go back to Installation/Management,press on Actions on top of NSX Manager,and choose  Perform Universal Synchronization and press Yes,the Primary NSX Manager shows that is Replication in process and lasts for a long time。However,the Secondary NSX still does not appear Universal Transport Zone.


      The Universal TransportZone sync info in the primary NSX Manager  is :



      plz help me,thx!