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    vrops 6.2

    nupurk14 Novice

      Hi Everyone,


      I have created some custom groups and attached them to certain policies in vrops v6.2. All of the sudden i noticied that my custom groups got attached to some different policy. How this happened?

      Can anyone help me with any suggestion so that i can work accordingly.


      Thanks in Advance...!!!

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          GayathriS Expert

          If you have appended the custom group to policy then it wouldnt get change, Have you followed steps given in below blog to set create custom  group and map it to policy :
          Custom Groups and Policies in vROps 6 | Patrick Kremer


          NOTE: I see you have mentioned vrops 6.2 which is already out of support


          Available vrops and supported are :



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            nupurk14 Novice

            i have already worked as per the article. I understand that policy attached to custom group does not get changed like that. But this is some sort of misbehaving i guess. Earlier it was not the same and everything is Smooth.

            Also i am aware that this version is out of support now but as this is impacting my environment, is there anything that can work for me ?

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              daphnissov Guru
              Community WarriorsvExpert

              You need to upgrade to remain supported. This version is too old to provide help on for most.