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    Multiple VROPS Instances to monitor different environments?

    mrstorey303 Novice

      I've heard from various sources that 'most' people deploy separate VROPs instances to manage their production infrastructure from their VDI infrastructure.


      Our horizon stuff is deployed in a complete separate vsphere environment (different vcenters and SSO), and I did originally size the VROPs appliances to cater for both VDI and Production vSphere environments.


      However now, after hearing what 'most' people do in what may be a possible best practice, I'm wondering whether I now need to deploy new appliances for non-VDI monitoring?


      Anyone know why this is, or why I shouldn't just go ahead and use a single VROPs instance to monitor multiple environments?


      The only limitation I can see is product dependancies - ie the latest Horizon mgmt pack doesn't yet support VROPS 6.7 - so maybe it's for reasons like this?


      Any advice would be greatly appreciated - obviously the ideal would be to leverage the existing instance - saving on deploying and managing large appliances, so interested to hear what you all do, and / or why using a single instance could be a bad idea.