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    Request cancellation - PSQL and job cancellation

    marsherian Novice

      So I have been pouring through the vlcm postgres database, and have gathered the relationship between the vm_user_request and vm_request_to_engine_request tables, but I cannot determine how to actually purge requests from vRSLCM. I have a stuck data-node scale out for a vROPs deployment. The only "fool proof" way to remove a job is to redeploy and reimport the environment JSON file. This CANNOT be production ready if you cannot cancel a task. If anyone has any detail on Blackstone (CodeStream internal cloudClient Automation cruft), the lucene (luceneDocumentIndexService · vmware/xenon Wiki · GitHub ) PSQL caching of requests it would be quite helpful. The REST API doesn't SEEM to have a cancel method in the API explorer, and purging the PSQL DB seems to sweet eff-all.