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    Remove VM from a Protection Group is greyed out.

    imtrinity94 Lurker

      May I know the potential reason for this?

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          GayathriS Expert



          First and foremost thing I can see the VM which you have highlighted as "not configured" .

          Can  you just click on the first VM where protection status as OK and see if you get that option (just to check)



          You cna try the suggestions given in below blog that worked for me :
          Status: Not Configured


          The blog says to :


          -->Delete the VM from Recovery site

          -->Then you could add back VM if you want and options should;d be available now .



          There are couple of reasons why the option is grayed out:


          1. You are not connected to both SRM servers or one of the SRM servers is not responding

          2. It could be  permissions issue to edit a protection group.

          3. The protection group is a state that does not allow modification - e.g. it is recovered or in test. Please check all plans that this group is part of. They all need to be in "Ready to Recover" state.


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            rshenoy Novice



            3 Things to make a note here.


            • If you use array based replication you would not get a option to remove VM,if it is in "not configured" state,You just need to perform a storage VMotion of the respective VM to a non-replicated datastore on the protected site and that would take care of it.
            • I could see you have an option to configure protection which states your sites are connected,If your VM is in invalid state (Which indicates VM is no longer in replicated datasore or removed) you would have the remove VM highlighted.
            • In vsphere replication, you would have an option to remove VM when you remove the VM from protection as it is not dependent on data-store replication