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    Physical MAC to VNIC

    prakash9339 Hot Shot

      After P2V, I want to add same  Mac address as Physical nic to VM NIC  But i am getting belwo error


      Please help me

      Screenshot from 2018-08-18 13-55-46.png

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          SupreetK Master

          When you chose 'Manual' option, the first three bits are automatically populated. You need to remove those and then put your MAC address -


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            IRIX201110141 Master

            1. Choose a MAC from the VMware Range

            2. Edit the *.vmx directly on the ESXi and change it into the mac of your choice.

            grep -n -i  ethernet *.vmx

            3. Start the VM directly from the shell (only one time needed). If you use the GUI i often see that the old Address is populated again.  If it works you can see that that MAC is now greyed out in the GUI.




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              With the classic vSphere client, which - according to the screenshot you are using - you may need to manually edit the VM's configuration (.vmx) file, and add/modify/remove:

              ethernet0.checkMACAddress = "FALSE" <-- add this line

              ethernet0.addressType = "static" <-- modify the value

              ethernet0.address = "12:34:56:78:ab:cd" <-- add this line with the desired MAC address

              ethernet0.generatedAddress = "00:50:56:xx:xx:xx" <-- remove this line

              Once done, you need to reload the VM (see https://kb.vmware.com/s/article/1026043)


              I just tested this using the Embedded Host Client, which allows to do the modifications directly from the GUI, i.e. setting the desired static ("Manual") MAC-Address, and add "ethernet0.checkMACAddress" in "VM Options" -> "Advanced" -> "Edit Configuration ..." -> "Add Parameter".



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                you may need to manually edit the VM's configuration (.vmx) file

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